Attend Next Month's Winter Solstice Celebration

The annual Winter Solstice event will be held at the Reason Center on Wednesday, December 21st, starting at 6pm.

Come out and celebrate the season with us! There will be fun, drinking, holiday tv episodes, crafts, and a great time. Expect a yule tide wish log, yule crown making, snowflake crafts, popcorn stringing, and a Play Family Feud Winter Solstice edition. 

This is a relaxed event, but wearing seasonal colors like red, green and silver would go great with your yule crown! 

The Reason Center will be providing drinks and food, but guests are also encouraged to bring a seasonal pot luck dish they would like to share. Perhaps a family dish with a story behind it?

Event Fee

Reason Center Members get in free, and you can bring 1 guest for free! So come out.

Additional merry makers will need to pay $4 at the door, in cash or by PayPal. But guess what? $4 happens to be the regular monthly membership price for being a member of the Reason Center. So become a member and bring a friend!

Extra Donations 

Any extra donations we receive through the Facebook event donation page will go directly to the event. Extra donations mean extra lights, treats, libations, fuel for our yule fire, crown making parafanilia. All donations will go toward making our party better. 

We look forward to seeing you there! Happy Holidays!

Stars Wars Movie at the Reason Center

WooHoo, Rogue is out December 15th and I’m excited another Star Wars is coming.

To get prepared I really enjoy watching all the previous movies.

Soooo, I’m having a party for all my Reason Center Member friends.

This is picnic style movie night. Bring blankets, pillows, lawn chairs and your own dinner, snacks etc. We will provide theater popcorn. My beloved collects full sized popcorn poppers, and we like to share.

Here at the Reason Center, we have a big screen, and a boss sound system. Regular table chairs will be positioned at the back. For two hours of sitting they really suck, so bring a beanbag. The taller the chair, the further back you will sit-keep that in mind.

Star Wars Movie Schedule

Monday nights 6:30-8:30pm
11.21.2016 Star Wars New Hope IV
11.28.2016 Star Wars Empire V
12.5.2016 Star Wars Ewoks VI
12.12.2016 Star Wars Force Awakens VII

Also to get the “bad” movies out of the way (I confess I love them too) the day after Thanksgiving we will do an all dayer……Friday 11.25.2016 noon-whenever we are done. Star Wars I, II & III

If you're a member .... you are invited.

Get Out and Work

Ever really need to get some stuff done? But of course first you need to feed the cat or your doggie friend, and the dishes need to be done too. Oh and there's the doorbell,  someone must have ordered something online...

I think you know where this is going all to well. Sometimes a good change of setting really helps you get into that Work Mode or eliminate some of your at home distractions, the same way going to the gym can help you really focus on your workout.

That's what Get Out and Work at the Reason Center is all about. Take your craft project, your work project, or just a book and set aside some time to get stuff done. Really spread out if you want to, use an entire 8 foot long table to see all the little pieces at once for your research project or scrapbook, or take advantage on of one the Reason's smaller meeting or library. Excellent wifi and plenty of space to spread out and think.

Make a Reservation 

Get Out and Work is hosted by the Reason Center, typically every Monday and Friday from 12pm to 4pm. Updates are conveniently posted on the SacFAN You can also access updates and make a reservation via the Meetup smartphone app.

If you're a Reason Center member, your reservation is FREE. If you're non-member, just pay $2.00 at the door, per visit.

So come on, Get Out and get some Work done!

Post-Election: Consternation, Conversation and Consequences

The Reason Center partner, Humanist Association of the Greater Sacramento Area is holding a post-election meeting on Sunday, November 20th, here at the Reason Center.

Wayne Luney will moderate a discussion, which will probably include, among others, the following topics:

  • The implications for state-church separation
  • The implications for foreign policy (Russia, Mexico, Middle East, NATO, trade agreements, nuclear proliferation)
  • The repeal (or amendment) of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare)
  • The implications for stopping man-made climate change
  • The resurgence of nationalism both here and in Europe
  • The danger of ignoring the welfare of the "losers" from international competition in our society
  • The risks to liberty from a president with obvious authoritarian tendencies
  • Paul Ryan's stated intention to replace Medicare with a voucher system
  • Prospects for the National Popular Vote (NPV)
  • Edible and potable contributions to the snack table will, as usual, be most welcome.